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Is your rental activity a business?

Is Your Rental Activity a Business? If you plan rent out a room of your home or a second home on Airbnb to earn extra income, you need to know how to determine if what are you doing qualifies as a business or hobby in order to properly prepare your taxes. Here are the...

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Top Online IRS.Gov Tools You Should Know ABOUT

We like to do a lot online these days, including ordering food, selling our services, paying our bills, and even checking our mail from our phones and our laptops. As the government works to catch up with the digital age, we are starting to see the IRS adapt to our...

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Tracking Your Income and Expenses: The Right Way

Tracking your income and your expenses is the first and one of the most important steps in understanding your tax obligations. Accurately calculating your net income (earnings less deductions) will give you the clarity you need to determine whether you are required to...

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