Tax Preparation Services

Deduction-Maximizing Tax Preparation

Rideshare and On-Demand

Rideshare and On-Demand (Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, & Turo) Tax Preparation Services

For individuals working in the rideshare and on-demand space, there are significant deductions, including:

  • Mileage: (standard mileage rate or actual cost method)
  • Parking Fees and Tolls
  • Commission Fees
  • Food for Passengers (up to 50 percent)
  • Proportionate Cell Phone Expense
  • Car Interest
  • Educational Expenses (if you’re in school!)
  • Tax preparation Fee (yes, that means our fee!)
1099 Income Tax Preparation Services

1099 Income Tax Preparation Services

​Being an independent 1099 allows you to have a variety of income sources that suits your lifestyle and interests. Therefore, our team has significant tax preparation experience for the following industries:

  • Website Designer / Programmer
  • Writer
  • Independent Consultant
  • Actor/Actress
  • Start-up Founder / Small Business Owner
  • Event Production / Film Industry
  • Other Sharing Economy Platforms: Dog Walking & Daycare, Food Delivery, Delivery Service

We’ve worked with thousands of Airbnb hosts adding an avg. of $10,000 in deductions for U.S. taxpayers. Our strategy is tested with the IRS as the best way to save time and money as an Airbnb host

Below is just a partial list of value-added services we provide to our HomeShare Clients to manage increasing regulations:

Short term rent airbnb

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