On-Ramp Program for Turo & Airbnb:

Tax Strategy and Planning

Get customized VIP consulting to cover:

  • Accounting Review and Setup
  • Tax Return Review & Assistance
  • Financial Projections
  • Tax Liability
  • Entity Consideration and Guidance for Setup
  • Tax Liability & Scenario Planning


Our program is an ideal way to get up to speed on accounting and tax planning for the year. The project is done at a fixed fee and broken into two halves.

First Half

  • Review of Prior Year Tax Returns and Deductions
  • Review of Accounting and Assistance with Setup of Accounting Software
  • Entity Considerations (LLC’s, S-Corp, etc.)

Second Half

  • Financial Projections Analysis & Tax Estimates
  • Tax Strategy & Scenarios
  • Additional Information as Agreed with Client Before Second Half

Sign up for our VIP package and get free audit assistance for life. We’ll help with any issues with the IRS that come up.


  • Avoid Unnecessary Penalties – Software products don’t fight penalties or take little-known deductions. We do.
  • Competitive Pricing – Having your own CPA throughout the year can run you thousands of dollars. Our pricing is competitive and we keep our fees fixed!
  • Easy – Our Client Setup takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Expertise – Our tax experts know how the IRS works and how to save thousands of dollars in taxes without raising red flags.