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Form 1040EZ: How to File a Simplified Tax Return

For 1040 is the form you use to file your taxes. Currently, Form 1040 is also available as Form 1040A and 1040EZ. The form you’ll need to use depends on various factors, including your filing status, overall income, and how many dependents you’re claiming. However,...

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What is a Property Lien and How to Get Out From One

Creditors have a lot of collection weapons in their arsenal, but a property lien is one of the most feared. Property liens create major hassles for both the property holder and any parties interested in buying the underlying assets. If you’re up against a...

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6 Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit

No one wants to run afoul of the IRS. Few situations can invoke as much angst as an IRS audit. Although, none really come to mind at the moment. An IRS audit is the result of the IRS wanting more information from you. There are various reasons why an IRS audit may be...

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Uber Tax Forms: What You Need to File

Taxes are an inevitable part of working. Regardless of how you earn your income, taxes must be paid on the income you earn. The tax filing deadline is quickly approaching. If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, now is a good time to start gathering the necessary...

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Can a Holding Company Protect Your Airbnb Assets?

Owning a business is very rewarding. However, you could lose everything if you run into legal troubles. For example, creditors could come after your Airbnb properties to cover an old debt. Luckily, you protect your assets by organizing them into a separate legal...

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