NFT Taxes: Everything You Need to Know

Are you new to the world of NFTs? If so, you may wonder about the tax implications of owning and using these digital assets. This blog post will overview how NFT taxes work, including some common tax scenarios. By understanding the basics of NFT taxation, you can better prepare for filing your taxes this year. […]

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EV Tax Credit 2022 Updates

Indeed, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming quite popular with those who can afford them, that is. Not only are they quiet, but they emit no carbon dioxide as they run. As a result, many activists and policymakers champion EVs as essential to mitigating the ill effects of climate change. An EV tax credit has been […]

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What is Excise Tax?

varItMak Most people are well aware of income tax and sales tax, but are less aware of excise taxes. So what is excise tax? What are Excise Taxes? An excise tax is an additional type of tax imposed on the sale of specific goods and services. Manufacturers and retailers collect most excise taxes, but there […]

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