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Accounting and Tax Tips Blog

How Tax Planning Can Save You Thousands

Paying taxes can be a hard pill to swallow for many taxpayers, especially if their tax bill is high. Your business has had a great year, you have increased your profits, and whether you’ve noticed it or not, you’ve simultaneously increased your tax bill. It’s...

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5 of The Most Common Tax Questions

The tax code is complicated and confusing for many taxpayers. To make matters worse it is ever changing and evolving, which makes it nearly impossible for most  business owners, who already have their hands full, to keep up-to-date. This is partially what makes tax...

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Who Are The Top 12 Pioneers In The Sharing Economy?

Shared economy platforms have changed the way many consumers do business. They have opened up ways for people to operate their own businesses without any upfront cost, and have created more choices for consumers. One of the biggest appealing factors in the sharing...

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