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2019 Tax Changes For 1099 Independent Contractors

If you work as an independent contractor or are self-employed it is important to stay up to date on the latest tax changes. As we start gearing up for tax season, you may be wondering what has changed for 2019. With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a lot of...

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Do I Have To Pay Getaround or Turo Taxes?

Car owners now have more options than ever to earn money from their Car-sharing services, like Getaround and Turo, let you earn extra income with your car. However, you might need to pay Turo taxes. To calculate Turo taxes, you need to consider various factors. Here’s...

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11 Side Business Ideas for 2020

These days, almost anyone can start a business. The rise of shared economy platforms created many opportunities for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Now, every day people can start a side business with little to no upfront cost. Aspiring side hustlers can use...

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How To Calculate Depreciation Expense

Depreciation has a bad reputation. After all, nobody wants their assets to lose value. However, from a business perspective, depreciation helps your tax situation. Business owners need to keep close track of their depreciation expenses. Then, they can deduct it at tax...

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How to Pay Quarterly Taxes Online or By Mail

How to Pay Quarterly Taxes Online or By Mail  For business owners, taxes don’t end on April 15th. Most self-employed professionals and business owners need to pay quarterly taxes. Quarterly taxes represent down payments on your annual taxes. If you’re running your own...

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