Mileage Reimbursement Rules for Uber Drivers and Turo Owners

As a business owner, tax deductions are your best friend. By leveraging your qualified expenses against your income, you can effectively lower your tax obligation. When it comes to qualified expenses, the IRS allows a lot of regular business expenses to be written off. One of the best deductions for business owners and independent contractors […]

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Tax Mistakes To Avoid – Get Your Taxes Right The First Time

If you participate in the Sharing Economy, be it opening up your home on Airbnb or sharing your car on Turo, you know that it can be very rewarding. While you may enjoy running your business, the bottom line is you are generating an income. This income, regardless of if it is part time or […]

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The Best Way To Pay Your Sharing Economy Taxes

Your tax bill can be a real pain. You spend all of this time gathering your information, meeting with your tax professional, crunching numbers, preparing them, filing them, and in the end paying them, it takes a lot of energy and for some stress. Nobody likes to pay taxes, and the fact that the tax […]

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