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How Does VRBO Work?

The short-term rental industry has been on the rise over the last several years. While travel restrictions and mandates put a damper on the travel industry during the pandemic, things are revving back up quickly as things get back to normal. And home-sharing, or...

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Airbnb Laws in NYC: A Guide for 2021

Millions of Americans use Airbnb as an outstanding source of income. But short-term leasing can expose hosts to a gauntlet of local regulations. In places like New York City, where rules are strict, it can be a challenge to host on Airbnb. This article will outline...

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What You Need to Know About Airbnb Service Fees

Listing a property on Airbnb can be a great source of extra income. But, the convenience of using this platform comes at a cost. To pay for its services and 24/7 support, the company charges an Airbnb service fee – something hosts need to understand. As such, we’ll...

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