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Are REITs a Good Idea for Airbnb Hosts?

Real estate investment trusts are popular vehicles for large-scale real estate investments, but do they have any application to your short-term rental business? Many publically-listed real estate companies organize themselves as REITs for tax benefits and...

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Filing Requirements for Mexico Airbnb Hosts

Mexico is a popular tourist destination with lots of affordable real estate opportunities. It’s no wonder that many Airbnb hosts choose Mexico for their first international rental. However, Mexico Airbnb hosts need to keep up with Mexican taxes or they risk...

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Filing requirements for London Airbnb Hosts

Expanding your Airbnb business into international territory can be intimidating. After all, foreign tax laws differ from the U.S., so renting property abroad can complicate your tax situation. However, if your prepared, renting Airbnb properties abroad can be a great...

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Estimated Tax Planning For Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb has risen in popularity over the last several years for both travelers and individuals looking to make an extra income. However, Airbnb hosts have to deal with tax ramifications. Many hosts are surprised to find out they owe estimate taxes on their earnings....

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