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How to File Your Airbnb Estimated Taxes

The IRS classifies your Airbnb earnings as income, and you have to pay taxes on those earnings. If you expect to owe more than $1,000 in 1099 taxes, you must pay quarterly taxes for your earnings. Some new hosts might feel overwhelmed with these new tax hurdles, but...

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How to Avoid Airbnb Backup Withholding

Airbnb doesn’t typically hold back any funds for taxes. You still have to pay taxes on your earnings, but Airbnb doesn’t pay them for you. You’re considered self employed, so you have to calculate and pay your taxes on your own.  However, you have to...

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Occupancy Tax Rates for Airbnb in Major Cities

A few years ago, cities began to realize that Airbnb rentals were eating into their tax revenues. At the time, Airbnb hosts weren’t paying taxes like hotels, so many US cities set out to change that. Now, many cities make Airbnb hosts pay taxes just like hotels....

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Airbnb Hosts: How to Respond to IRS Notice CP2000

Did you receive a CP2000 notice from the IRS? If so, don’t ignore it. Usually, the letters warn you about discrepancies between your reported earnings and IRS records. The CP2000 notice isn’t as bad as an audit, but don’t take it lightly. CP2000 is serious...

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