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Accounting and Tax Tips Blog

What is the Penalty for Filing Taxes Late?

The tax deadline tends to creep up quietly. In 2020, the IRS extended the tax deadline to July 15, giving taxpayers another three months to file and pay taxes. However, it’s back to the normal schedule this year. After all, it’s never too early to start...

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Everything You Need to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a last resort for most business owners, but sometimes it’s the best option. Filing for bankruptcy can protect you from your creditors, but it’s a complicated process with long-lasting consequences. Most people hire a lawyer to help them...

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Can a Holding Company Protect Your Airbnb Assets?

Owning a business is very rewarding. However, you could lose everything if you run into legal troubles. For example, creditors could come after your Airbnb properties to cover an old debt. Luckily, you protect your assets by organizing them into a separate legal...

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How to Calculate Profit Margin and Improve Profitability

Business owners need to understand their revenues and earnings to make effective business decisions. However, it’s not easy to keep track of this information manually because unanticipated expenses often come into play. The profit margin formula helps business owners...

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