Are Pre-Settlement Legal Funds Subject to Taxation?

Pre-settlement legal funds can be lifesaving in case of a personal accident. Lawsuits that follow such accidents sometimes take too long to complete. This makes it difficult for one to pay their bills while attending court cases and working on their physical recovery if severely injured. It is critical to understand everything about this funding. […]

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Should Airbnb Hosts Form an LLC Holding Company? 

If you’re an Airbnb host, one of your top priorities should be protecting yourself from liability. Whether it’s a tenant suing over an injury or a municipality fining you for a zoning violation, the potential costs of hosting can add up quickly.  One way to protect yourself is by forming an LLC holding company for […]

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CO’s New Rental Laws for Airbnb Hosts in 2022

Sites like Airbnb and VBRO have gobbled up huge market share in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, this shift has caused drastic changes in some locales. Real estate investors have poured money into residential markets with hopes of using the properties for Airbnb’s. This rush of demand drove up prices in many markets, and locals often […]

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How to Get a Land Conservation Easement for Tax Savings

Are you sitting on extra undeveloped land? Putting it into a land conservation easement could earn you substantial tax savings.  However, the process involves multiple steps and third parties.  Fortunately, this land conservation easement guide can answer most of your questions. What is a Conservation Easement? A land conservation easement represents an agreement between a […]

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Can an Offshore Trust Save You Money on Taxes?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about Congress raising taxes on the wealthy. Regardless of what the final legislation looks like, high earners can expect some increase in taxes. If you fall into this category, you should take steps now to start implementing some tax-saving strategies. In this vein, our clients […]

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What is a Real Estate Professional?

real estate professional

Real estate investing offers an outstanding path to long-term wealth. However, a lot of confusion exists when it comes to real estate and taxes. New investors hear that real estate provides great tax advantages, but they don’t necessarily know-how. Things get even more complicated when you consider real estate professional status. The IRS formally designates […]

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The 21 Best Deductions for Airbnb Hosts
+ Financial Planning Kit!