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Accounting and Tax Tips Blog

What is a W9 Form and How to Get One

If you work as an employee, your employer automatically withholds money to cover your taxes. However, freelancers and independent contractors need to handle their own taxes. If you’ve been freelancing for a while, you’ve probably had a client that asked...

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How to Pay IRS Taxes Online

The IRS updated its website a few years ago, and now it’s easier than ever to pay taxes online. Using the IRS online tax portal is convenient and straightforward, but it’s essential to use these resources correctly. It only takes a few minutes to pay taxes...

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How to Get Your IRS Tax Transcript Online

If you’re an American taxpayer, the IRS has a file on you. The IRS tracks tax payments, income, deductions, and other important tax information. If you ever find yourself in need of this information, you can ask the IRS to send you a tax transcript that details...

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Tax Tips: Understanding Book to Tax Adjustments

 Book income measures your business’s financial performance, but it doesn’t always line up with your business’s taxable totals. Sometimes, you need to adjust your book income to accurately report your taxable income. However, the process requires...

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