1099 NEC vs MISC: Key Differences and Uses 

Modern businesses are increasingly relying on independent contractors to fill jobs and essential roles, and 1099 Forms are becoming more and more common on tax returns. However, determining the right 1099 Form to file can be challenging for small businesses thanks to the advent of new form options. So, what is the difference between a […]

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Is HELOC Interest Tax Deductible?

Owning a home comes with many tax benefits, but knowing what is tax-deductible can be a little tricky. It gets even more complicated when you have a mixed- or dual-use property.   We’re going to dive into the HELOC tax deduction for various types of home-sharing properties. What is a HELOC (Home Equity Line of […]

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The Best Airbnb Bookkeeping System

One of the most important aspects of operating a successful Airbnb is bookkeeping. Proper Airbnb bookkeeping can make a difference in your bottom line and help you operate more efficiently. Let’s explore some bookkeeping solutions for Airbnb that will help make you a successful host. Airbnb Bookkeeping Basics One of the most important considerations for […]

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What Is an IRS 4868 Form? [Free PDF]

  Most adults have needed some slack at one point in time or another. Maybe a young person starting out needs a loan from the parents. In other instances, drivers who missed a stop sign or speed limit indication could ask for leniency from an apprehending police officer. Still other cases may find struggling students […]

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The Best Section 179 Vehicles for 2022

  Small business owners – especially during the COVID-19 era – need to save money whenever they can. The IRS recognizes this reality and offers a variety of tax incentives to help businesses both grow and save money. If you bought or leased a vehicle for your small business this year, you may qualify for […]

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