Rental Property Tax Deductions for Airbnb Hosts

House sharing is a great way for many people to generate a substantial income. When it comes to running your business, you probably have the hospitality part down, however as far as your taxes are concerned, if you’re like many successful hosts, you’ve got a bit to learn tax-wise. This is understandable, taxes elude most […]

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How To Calculate Depreciation Expense

Depreciation has a bad reputation. After all, nobody wants their assets to lose value. However, from a business perspective, depreciation helps your tax situation. Business owners need to keep close track of their depreciation expenses. Then, they can deduct it at tax time. To get started, you need to know how to calculate depreciation expense.  […]

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Escaping Airbnb Scrutiny – How To Protect Your Airbnb Business

We are in what you can call a Sharing Economy boom. It seems like every other day, new Sharing Economy platforms are popping up. These innovative companies are addressing issues that real people have and providing smart and efficient solutions. In addition to providing solutions, the are also providing opportunities for everyday people to generate […]

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