Best Time Management Apps for Small Business

time managment apps

Are you missing an important deduction, one that will help you live the freelancing lifestyle from wherever you travel? If you write for others from someplace other than a repurposed room in your home, you might be. Time is money, and in this case, it might help pay for a trip too.   Tracking your […]

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The Best Tax Tips For Freelancers

With the increasing popularity of sites like Upwork, many professionals are embracing freelance work. These platforms allow professionals to build their businesses, supplement existing income, and free themselves from the 9-to-5 grind. As a freelancer, the IRS classifies you as self employed, even if you also have a W-2  job. Whether you’re fulltime or parttime, […]

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Finding the Best Freelance Tax Expert

With the onset of the internet more and more working individuals have the opportunity to work from home. As a freelancer, you have unlimited potential to earn money and fulfill your dreams because you have the freedom, the operative word, to create your own schedule. You can work as much as you like, take your […]

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