The Most Pressing Airbnb Tax Questions

Short term rental platforms like Airbnb and VBRO have increased in popularity over the last several years. What once started out as a part-time income for some, has been scaled to quite a profitable enterprise for others. Regardless of if you are a part-time or full time, you probably have some Airbnb tax questions. Taxes […]

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How to Find the Best Tax Professional for Your Business

Working with an expert can save you from learning from your own mistakes. And having a tax advisor is a smart choice that can lead to a lot of benefits for your business. Tax advisors aren’t just for tax preparation. They can provide guidance on multiple areas of your business and help steer you towards […]

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Sharing Economy Tax Tips – Get The Most Out Of Your Tax Pro

Many people only associate their tax advisor with tax preparation. However, the benefits of working with a tax advisor go well beyond tax preparation, especially for your Sharing Economy business. Whether you are full time or part time in your Sharing Economy business, having the right support when it comes to finances and taxes is […]

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The 21 Best Deductions for Airbnb Hosts
+ Financial Planning Kit!