NAICS Codes List for Sharing Economy: Quick Reference Guide

When you’re filling out paperwork for your business, you might have come across a question that asks for your business’s NAICS code. Most people don’t know what this is about, but it’s just a numbering system the government uses to classify your business. The system doesn’t have a number for everything, so sometimes you just have to figure out which one best fits your business. Sometimes, Sharing Economy business owners have trouble figuring out where their business fits in, so we put together this helpful NAICS codes list to show you which codes best apply to your business. Bookmark this page for easy reference because you never know when you’ll need to provide this information. To learn more about the system, check out the NAICS website here.

What is NAICS?

NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System. Each code represents a different business category. Determining where your business fits isn’t always a simple task, but this easy-to-use reference guide should help most Shared Economy business owners find the right classification number. If you’re still not sure how the system works, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance.

Airbnb (Homesharing Services)

721100 Travel accommodations (including hotels, motels, b&b)

721310 Rooming and Boarding Houses (recommended)

531310 Real estate property managers

531390 Other Activities related to real estate

Uber/LYFT (Ridesharing Services)

485300 Taxi and Limo Service

485990 Other Transit & Ground Passenger Transportation (recommended)

RelayRides / GetAround / Turo (Car Rental Services)

532100 Automotive Equipment Rental & Leasing


532290 Other Consumer Goods Rental

Rinse (On Demand Dry Cleaning Services)

812320 Drycleaning & Laundry services

TaskRabbit (Task-Based Services)

812990 All other personal services


722300 Special Food services (including food service contractors & caterers)


484200 – Specialized freight trucking (including household moving vans)

Handy (Cleaning Services)

561720 Janitorial Services

561790 Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings

Smith (Contracting/ Home Renovations Services)

561730 Landscaping Services

811490 Other personal & household goods repair & maintenance

Post Mates (Delivery Services)

492000 Couriers and Messengers

Rover (Pet Sitting Services)

812910 Per Care Services (except veterinary)

Professional Help From the Sharing Economy Experts

NAICS codes are just the top of the iceberg. If your sharing economy business makes up a large portion of your income, you should talk to a professional tax advisor. The additional income could totally change your tax picture, so getting professional help is important. The experts at Shared Economy Tax have been serving Sharing Economy entrepreneurs like you for years, so we understand the unique needs of business owners like you. Get started today with a complimentary one-on-one strategy session with a tax pro. You can also sign up for our tax tips newsletter using the form below.