How to Register Your Rideshare Business in San Francisco

According to the new regulations, all Rideshare Drivers in San Francisco are required to Register their business. You can do so online on the San Francisco Treasurer and Tax Collector website. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register your business:
The first step in the registration process is filling out and submitting the Business Registration Application. 1. IntroductionThe first part of the application is an introductory page. It contains information on the application process and structure. It also includes a list of information you need to complete the application. Here is what you need to have on hand throughout the application:

-Your Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN, SSN, or TIN)
-Estimated San Francisco Gross Receipts
-Estimated San Francisco Payroll Expense
-Legal structure of your business
-Your contact information
-Address of each location in San Francisco you do business

After you check the box that certifies you’ve read the information, you will be allowed to go to the next part of the application. There are seven sections:

2. Business Information

Fill out the name of your rideshare business at the top and choose the legal structure of your business. The legal structure will define how your business is treated under tax law and the effects should be carefully considered. Enter your business’ tax identification number. If you don’t have one, you can apply for one online as well. Finally, enter the date you plan to start your business.

3. Ownership Information

This is the section where you must provide information about yourself such as name, address, SSN, and email.

4. Officer Information

An officer is someone who can access and make changes to your business account. This section is not mandatory and may not be necessary for rideshare businesses. However, if you do decide you want to register a business officer,you only need to provide the name, title, and contact information of the officer.

5. Contact Details

This is where all business registration and tax information will be mailed to. Unless you have a separate address for your business, you can autofill your contact details from the Ownership Information section.

6. Location Information

Enter your business name in the Location Trade Name box. The Taxes and Fees section doesn’t apply to you since your rideshare business doesn’t have a fixed location. Lastly, pick 17B Driver for Transportation Network Company to define your business activities.

7. Registration Fees

This is the last section of the application and it partly determines the amount of your registration fee. Enter in your estimated gross annual income in the Estimated San Francisco Gross Receipts box. Enter a zero in the Estimated San Francisco Payroll Expense box since you do not have any employees as a rideshare driver. Your answer to the three remaining questions in the application should be negative.

Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to electronically sign it. The last step of the application process is to pay the registration fee. You will then receive your Business Account Number.

You must renew your business registration every year by May 31st. You can calculate your estimated registration fee by using the schedules provided by the San Francisco Treasurer and Tax Collector website.